Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why I Get Tattooed

I have been asked these questions again and again: Why do you have tattoos? Does it hurt? What is the meaning behind it?

Well, for me, getting tattooed is a transformative declaration of power. What does that mean exactly? My body is the only thing I will ever truly own. I have the sole power to control it. It is mine. I have the power and the right to do as I wish with it. I have the power to transform it, into a work of art. Beautiful, expressive, wonderful imagery. With me forever. And they say you can't take anything to the grave. I command mastery over this body of flesh and bones. My mind has the power to overcome and move through the pain. It is an essential part to growing and becoming a more whole person. We can only truly change once we move past the pain. And getting tattooed is a symbolic act of that transformation I need to experience in my life. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel alive.

Does it hurt?  Yes and No. It's a good pain. Honestly, the first 10 minutes are the worst, and then you become more used to the needle. But that soft hum of the tattoo gun is something you come to love. You become almost addicted to the euphoria you experience from the rush of endorphins.It is freedom.

Yes, most of my tattoos have some meaning behind them. I do think them out before I get them. Each one has a special meaning to me.

So now you know a little more about me! Any more questions? Do you have any tattoos yourself?

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