Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Female Musicians You May Have Never Heard

I love music. And I love finding new music. I wanted to share some of my favorite female musicians that you may have never heard of:
  1. The Corin Tucker Band This former Riot Grrl goes solo, with the help of her backing bandmates Seth Lorinczi and Sara Lund.  Listen to Doubt, off of their debut album. This is the heaviest song on the album and it ROCKS. Listen to it LOUD!
  2. Rykarda Parasol Listen to One For Joy, from her album, For Blood And Wine. Dark. Witty. Amanda-Palmerish. She is her own manager and still unsigned to a major label. She is crossing boundaries and making her own genre. Really refreshing to hear something different.
  3. Gretchen Parlato Listen to Butterfly from the album In A Dream. I am not really into Jazz, but she has an absolutely amazing voice. Chill. Smooth. Relaxing. Turn down the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine.
  4. Beth Gibbons Listen to Tom The Model from the album Out of Season.The lead singer of Portishead releases a solo album(with Rustin Mann.) Her voice is haunting. And her name is cool :) Plus, it's a bonus to hear more from her since Portishead only has a few albums. Soulful and somber.
  5. Ani DiFranco Okay, so I'm sure most of you have at least heard her name. Still, she is underappreciated for being one of the most prolific songwriters of our time. She is such an inspiration to women. She does it her way and does not apologize. Righteous! Listen to a live version of Overlap. I love this song. It's kind of a love song too. Sometimes our differences make our love stronger.
 Happy listening!! I hope you found something new you enjoy!!!

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