Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Guilty Pleasures

So today I finally had a chance to blog. However, I was lacking any subject ideas. So I googled "blog ideas" Thank goddess for google. Many great ideas. This sounded fun:

Ten Guilty Pleasures
  1. Food. Ohhhh, food. I like you a bit too much. I blame it on my mother. Growing up, I always had a late night snack before bed. And it was usually pizza. What a terrible time to eat!
  2. The internet. I can get sucked in for hours. It is such an easy time killer. And there's so much to do. I never get bored. But I do neglect other things I should be doing while online.
  3. My cell phone. Of course we all have phones. But I find myself using it too often. Especially while at work, it gets me easily distracted. Put. Down.Phone. This would be even worse if I owned a "smartphone."
  4. Tattoos. Ink. Body artwork. Nothing wrong with this. Just a bit guilty b/c of the cost. I could be saving this money for school or general savings. But we only live once, right?
  5. Chocolate. This just needs it's own category. Dark. Milk. Whatever. Yummmm!
  6. TV. Once again, total time waster. I could be cleaning, or reading a book, or working out. But hey, we all need to relax!!
  7. My habit of shopping at Michael's. I am a crafty nerd. I love stamps, scrapbooking and crafts in general. And Michael's has EVERYTHING. I spend too much time and money in that store!
  8. Whole Foods. What can be wrong with a health food store? My problem is I go in on payday, cash in hand, with no plan or budget. I always end up spending more than I told myself I would. But I justify it b/c I am buying healthy things! (Most of the time)
  9. Alcohol. Not that I drink a while lot. But I know it's not really healthy for me at all. But it's fun!
  10. Last but not least, retail therapy in general. It feels good at the time, but sometimes I feel guilty for spending $ I should not have. I usually end up returning something!
There are others too, but they are not getting posted on here!!! Tell me, what are some of your guilty pleasures??

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