Monday, May 16, 2011

The NYC Tattoo Convention

What a blast this convention was! Probably one of the best tattoo conventions I have been to. For one, it was held at a great venue, The Roseland Ballroom. Great atmosphere. Also, cool to know tons of amazing musicians have played in the building before.
There was so much to feast your eyes on. Tattoos of all kinds, half-naked people, body mods, a sword swallower, tattoo competitions, and so much more. Also present were some old, authentic side show banners. Perhaps from Coney Island? Made for great decor.

Always interesting to see the old school, hand poke style of tattooing: (I like how they all took their shoes off.)

 Here is the Sword Swallower and some heavily inked dude, Outlaw Bill or something:
 And here is the winner for Best Back. (I entered and did not place. Oh well!)
Sorry it's not the greatest pic. It was a traditional Japanese style Samurai piece.

And here is a view of the show from the balcony:

 And of course no tattoo convention is complete without some paper mustache fun!

Overall, a grand time, and I would def return. It's always nice to feel at home among fellow people who dare to live outside conventional norms.

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  1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed NYC - love the mustaches. :)

    Have a good rest of your trip!