Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Simple Steps To Living Greener

 Here are a few tips for you to help the earth by keeping it green. I feel like any little bit I do helps. If everyone shared this mentality, it is possible that one person can make a difference. If we don't start somewhere, who will?

1. Stop using plastic!! Take a canvas grocery bag to the store with you. Keep it in your car so you never forget. India is actually outlawing the use of plastic bags.
2. Stop buying plastic water bottles. Invest in a reusable one. They are easy to find and pretty cheap now. Plus, they come in all kinds of cute designs and colors. I prefer the stainless steel ones.
3. Start recycling. I know it isn't always easy. There is no recycling in my city, so I make a weekly trip to Target to drop off my recyclables. (Which is practical b/c it's in a convenient location for me.) I am now only taking out one trash bag about twice a week.
4. Conserve your water. Don't let the tap run while doing dishes or brushing teeth. I like this site for helpful tips.
5. Spread the word. Tell a friend. Teach your children. Let's get together on this.

Remember, we need Mother Earth, she does not need us!

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