Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Letter I Will Never Send

So I stole this post idea from Ashley. What a good idea! I have been thinking similar thoughts in my own head. Letters I maybe want to write, but never will. Here they can have a home.

Dear Me,
Stop being so hard on yourself. Relax a little and have confidence. You are intelligent and you can do it.

Love, Me

Dear Neighbor,
Please STOP slamming your door at all hours of the day. Seriously, how hard is it to catch the door right before it closes so it doesn't slam shut??

Thanks, your neighbor

Dear Kelly,
I am so sorry we have been playing phone tag forever!! I really want to talk to you and hear all about your trip!!

Love B dog

Dear littlest sis,
Your courage and determination are inspiring. Keep your chins up! LOL

Love B1

Dear Mom,
I am sorry you never got to have the life you wanted.  I am sorry life turned out so crazy for you.  Thanks for inspiring my love of music and making me never want to touch a cigarette.

Love, your daughter

Dearest husband,
Thank you for being so supportive and amazing. Things have not always been easy for us. Finally feels like a turning point in our lives. I love you so much and you make me happy to be alive :)

Love, your love.

Dear Verizon,
You can suck it, because I am never going to use your services again! I am so glad to be done with you soon. You could care less about your customers and only care about your profit. Good bye!!

Sincerely, one very unsatisfied customer.

Dear future Physics students,
Start studying now. Learn how to teach yourself.  Make sure you are an advocate for yourself.

Love, a current Physics student

Dear pregnant friends,
Get some sleep now (if you can.) Your little bundle of joy is about to change your life in a big way. I hope you are prepared and get to have the birth you want.

Love, your childless friend

Dear Makers of Bottled Water:
You can stop trying to fool us. We are catching on to your shenanigans. Do everyone a favor and just stop raping Mother Earth for a profit, okay? OK. Because we are destroying her fast enough as it is. Where exactly will we live without her?!?!


  1. BOOYAKASHA!! best blog i have ever read...seriously!! great expression sis =D you are one of the reasons these chins stay high!! love frogbutt <3

  2. I love you Bethany! thanks for being able to understand this square peg