Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Night Tradition

TGITh! So glad it's Thursday! Why? Because Thursday night just happens to be Pizza Night here in our house!! That's right, all the best shows are on TV and so pizza just fits. Thurs. is really the only night we watch TV anyhow. We watch The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Sunny(when it's on) and now just getting into Rules of Engagement. We used to buy frozen pizzas, but in our quest to eat cleaner have started making our own. Good thing my hubby is a baker :) He makes homemade, whole wheat pizza crusts. We them top them with veggies:spinach, tomato, onion, peppers, etc. Top off with some feta and you are good to go! I so look forward to these nights together :) Do you have any traditions like this? I am curious to know. Happy Thursday!

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  1. loooove the new office!! wish i wouldve had some tombstone to go along with it =P (thanks, mom)....i didnt see the scene w the new boss but i cried at the last five min!!