Monday, June 27, 2011

How I Made The Switch To Natural Deodorant

So my journey in clean eating isn't just about food. Rather, it's an entire lifestyle change. If I really want to change, I have to look at what I put on my body. That too is seeping into my skin. I have really been questioning every little thing lately, including deodorant. I wanted to get rid of the aluminum, parabens and other non natural things that are often found in deodorant/antiperspirant. So I have made the switch to Crystal Deodorant. It comes in roll- on, stick or spray form. One very important part:put it on clean skin. I always apply it after I shower. I do find it does a good job of masking odor. The other secret: baby powder. The powder helps in relieving any wetness you might have since the Crystal is only a deodorant. I would like to try a more natural power as well. Perhaps arrowroot. I am also interested in making my own deodorant with coconut oil. But for now this is a great alternative to the crap I was buying!!

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